This is Sildior™

The Pioneers of the Towels

We are proud to call ourselves the pioneers in the industry of silk towels. Our experts travelled across the globe in search of the top towel manufacturers. From the birthplace of towels, Turkey, to the India and Pakistan (home to the largest towel manufacturers in the world), no manufacturer possessed the ability to create a silk towel from 100% silk yarn.

Introducing Sildior™ Towels into skin care

Made from 100% natural Mulberry Silk infused with healthy proteins to help protect your skin and shield it from the elements, the designers and product engineers at Sildior are proud to introduce you to The Sildior Anti-Aging Towel line.

The World's First 100% Silk Towel

Made by silk artisans in Portugal

It had never been done before, and we took it upon ourselves to introduce, engineer, and invent the world’s first 100% silk towel. We wanted to create a product that was more than an ordinary day-to-day use product.

We wanted it to be an engaging, productive and effective beauty product. Our silk towels are made from 100% mulberry silk, and the sericin present in them fights the sign of aging with anti-aging qualities.

The Place Where the Magic Happened


Our trip across the globe took us to Portugal, where we found an old and family owned production facility, which specializes in high end towel production. Our team shared our vision with them, and we soon became partners in creating an anti-aging gift for the world.


Timeless beauty

When designing our towel, we wanted to create the most beautiful towel, that also gives the user something to feel comforted and beautiful with. Our design process was incredibly long and thoughtful. From the outset, our towels exhume minimalism and simplicity. We have created the perfect balance between function and beauty. Our towel is fabulous in every single aspect. We’ve not only designed a beautiful towel aesthetically, but we have crafted one that benefits your skin and provides comfort to you.


Craft Heritage

Our experts have years of resourceful experience and knowledge to take the beauty routine to a whole another level. We pool in our shared knowledge and invent new ways to give new meaning to beauty, luxury and skin care. It took countless trips to Portugal and somewhere north of one ton of raw silk yarn to create the first prototype. Now, we are the only brand in the world to have achieved the prowess to create 100% silk towels.

Our Vision

Live Younger

We have a vision, and our vision is to revolutionize the age-old methods for enhancing one’s beauty. We are a team of beauty experts, textile specialists and out-of-the-box thinkers who have one united goal; invent a new path to modernize daily beauty routine. Anti-aging is a rare quality to be found among beauty products. However, we believe that every beauty routine can be paired with anti-aging and skin-care attributes to promote healthy standards for beauty.

Science & Nature

Enhancing Your Skin

With Sildior™ silk towels, forget how to feel old. Stay young, stay refreshed and capture that youthful resilient look with the silk proteins naturally enhancing your skin. Ever since the first discovery of sericin anti-aging abilities, scientists have been trying to use it for mass benefit. Silk towels are a symphonious combination of science and nature into one product. It promotes a healthy skin and gives you’re a royal smooth touch.

IP and Assets

Patent- Pending

The patent for silk towel production process is still pending, but as of now, we are the proud manufacturers of the world’s first and foremost anti-aging silk towels. It is beauty engulfed in comfort.