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The Essential Towel

Elegance and beauty demands constant nurturing and caring of the skin. Silk towels rid one from the constant burden of worrying and take care of the skin every day. The Essential Silk towels take care of the soft palms and hand skin while absorbing all the moisture and drying your skin.

Hand Treatment

Silk towels offer a smooth touch for your skin and give you the power to fight against the wrinkles and spots that come with age. Feel young and feel like a royalty with these silk towels.

Why Should You Use Silk Towels?

Silk towels are highly absorbent, smooth and do not hurt the soft skin as you dry yourself after a long relaxing hot bath. You can use it for a spectrum of purposes. Use silk as hand towels, body towels, or face towels; every single version gives you a silky touch and anti-aging treatment of sericin. Silk towels are the perfect household items for day-to-day use.


Your Beauty Routine

Begin your day in the most luxurious way possible, with our one of a kind Sildior™ silk towel. While simultaneously treating your skin with anti-ageing properties, it’s an innovative product, that will revolutionise your beauty routine. We understand the important of luxury, when slife filled with content.

The Most Innovative


All towels dry off the water, but how many towels can actually benefit your skin and overall skin wellness? The answer used to be zero, but with the invention of silk towels, the dermatology field has seen a revolution.

Sildior™ Towels

For Every Single Occasions

When designing our towel, we aimed to create a sensuous towel, that’s perfect for every single occasion. You don’t commonly consider a towel part of your beauty routine, for years they have been classified as a functional product - which shouldn’t be the case. We’ve dedicated years of research, just to create Sildior™ silk towels. Our research led us to Sericin Protein, an age-defying ingredient that stimulates sying skin. By using the idea of “Queen of Fiber”, we have a product that combines scientific formulations, with quality ingredients.

Anti-Aging Sericin Protein

Super Absorbent

Feel Like Royalty

Sericin Protein

The proteins apparent in our Essential towel will leave your skin glowing from head to toe. As you dry your skin, you’ll be rejuvenating your body. Let the Cosmic Towel provide your skin with energy, while you relax and unwind.

Relive Yourself From Stress

An elegant type of beauty requires a constant stream of care and nurture, specifically to the skin. With the Essential towel, you can relieve yourself from the constant stress or worry of taking care of your skin, specifically on the hands.

Fights The Signs of Aging

The hands are one of the first areas to show signs of ageing. By using a silk towel, with additional proteins intertwined in them, you’ll be caressing your palms and hands, by simply drying them.


Magic Towel 
  • Dimension: 13" x 13" ( 33cm x 33cm )
  • 100% Mulberry Silk 
  • Made in Portugal  

Essential Towel
  • Dimension: 16" x 32" ( 40cm x 80cm )
  • 100% Mulberry Silk 
  • Made in Portugal  

Cosmic Towel 
  • Dimension: 28" x 56" ( 70cm x 140cm )
  • 100% Mulberry Silk 
  • Made in Portuga
Care Instructions
Care Instructions
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not dry clean
  • Iron - low heat
  • Machine wash - cold, permanent press
  • Max temperature - 30 degrees
  • Dimensional stability –  (warp – 5% / weft – 3%)


The towels should be washed with detergent for delicate clothes and in low temperature, 30º.
The towel shouldn’t be exposed to high sources of heat.

What makes Sildior towel special?

It’s crafted from 100% mulberry silk, after extensive research and travel, we have created the world's first 100% silk towel. Not only is it an exceptional product to buy, the service, feel, and benefits are also special. 

What are the benefits of using these towels

Our research has led us to only the best. When searching for the materials, we wanted a towel that exceeded all expectations - and also benefited you.  One of the most appealing properties lies with the anti-ageing. It's a rare and hard property to find - but it truly was our goal. We believe that our towels will modernise our beauty routine. 

How do I care for your towels?

You should avoid bleaching, tumble drying, dry cleaning, or subjecting our towels to any type of high heat. When you machine wash, ensure its cold with the maximum temperature only reaching 30 degrees. 

What are your different sizes?

We stock 3 towels. All for different purposes

  • The Magic Towel - For the face. 13” X 13” ( 33cm x 33cm )
  • The Essential Towel - For the hands. 16” x 32” (40cm x 80cm )
  • The Cosmic Towel - For the body. 28” x 56” (70cm x 140cm )
Where are your towels made?

Our towels are made in Portugal. On our travels we discovered an old family owned production facility, that specialises in high end towel production. They shared our vision, and we have become partners.

Why should I use silk towels?

Not only is silk much gentler on the skin, it also provides you with anti-ageing properties.

Why did you want to make a towel?

Our team consists of beauty experts, innovators, and textile specialists. This creates the perfect cocktail for a product that revolutionises beauty routines, with towels. It was a natural progression.

What proteins does your towel have?

Included in our towel is sericin - a protein that scientists have proven to be beneficial to the skin as an anti-aging element.

Do you have social media accounts?

Yes, follow us on Instagram; @sildiorbeauty, Facebook and Youtube

Do you have a patent?

The patent for silk towel production process is still pending, but as of now, we are the proud manufacturers of the world’s first and foremost anti-aging silk towels. It is beauty engulfed in comfort.